Here's a strategy to get reviews & feedback for your app

Ratings & reviews are a big deal when it comes to your ranking in the app store. Not only do they help you rank better, but they can also lead you to learn how your users are experiencing your app. This is a great way to generate more positive reviews and obtain feedback.

First make sure to find out which direction your user is experiencing by asking a simple question like “Are you enjoying [app name]?”. If a user says “Yes”, then you want to capitalize on their excitement of liking your app and lead them to leaving a rating/review. And if they say “No”, you can direct them to contact you asking for their feedback.

Is every Yes going to be positive? Not necessarily. They might enjoy your app but still leave a less than 5 star review. But prequalifying your user with the 1st question, can have greater impact on a 5 star.

Is every No going to be negative? Not at all. Maybe a user is struggling with a certain section of your app and just needs to reach out to tell you about it. Or maybe someone wants to recommend a feature.

Hope this helps. Make it your own and personalize it around your app’s design.

One last tip: There is always a sweet spot when asking for a review within your app. For me, I ask a review after the 3rd entry is completed. This way they’ve already had 2 entries to test the app and it happens after they’ve completed something.

If you have a strategy that’s working, I’d love to hear about it too.