Hi all, I hope someone can help

Hi all, I hope someone can help. Can you please tell me how to automate daily push notifications for users. I need a notification to be sent to users every day at the same time. All of this should not come to the mail, but directly to the phone as a notification.

I would really appreciate it!)


Hey @Vadim1, easiest way in my opinion is use Abracadalo or Adastacks. Both work well. Abracadalo you sign up, create a custom action, this will log the notification and you can set the reminders accordingly. You can also retrieve the notification ID and cancel it from the Abracadalo servers also via a custom action Notification API | Abracadalo API Handbook

They are also working on group notifications/reminders in the future I beleive.

I’m sure there’s YouTube videos on this, though the documentation is extensive.


Thank you! I’ll look into it.


Any issues I’m sure @Abracadalo guys will help.

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We are here to help if you need anything.
We have also a dashboard where you could see all your upcoming notifications.

You can find here our tutorial video

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I have some questions about abracadalo. Please advise me.

  1. How can I make it so that a notification is sent to the current user? I attached a screenshot and there is an option to send a notification only to my specified email. When I click on “magic text” there is nothing there.

  2. Why when I do a test and send a notification to my email, I get nothing? I and my email are in the database. Maybe it only works when the app is already at least in TestFlight? I will also attach a screenshot of what they write to me.

  3. And can someone please tell me how the user has to agree to be notified?

I need to send all my users one notification per day. Thanks for your help!)

Hello @vadim1,

  1. What it is shown in the screenshot is the « editor » of a custom action. In order to send it to the current user you will need to create an input in the right column of the editor (you can name it: “to”) and then this input will appear to the magic text list. You will need to attach the input with the “to” query parameter.
    Then you will need to test the api and get a successful try in order to save it. Once save, the custom action will be added to the component from which you created the action. There you will be able to select the current user email.
    You can also check this video on how to set up a custom action

  2. In order to get a notification you will need to have the native version of the app (TestFlight for IOS, google play fro Android). Then the email on the user which the notification is send to need to be in the database.

  3. For androids, the no pop up message until Android 13. For iOS, you will need to add in the screen where you want to have the notification action, the “request permission” action, in order to allow the pop up that ask the user if he wants notifications

Can you give us more details about your app and your use case in order to be able to help you as much as possible on how to send notification to all your users daily?

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Thank you! Point 2 and 3 understood. With the first one is still a problem and I probably do not fully understand this point - “You will need to attach the input with the “to””.

Uploaded a video to YouTube, so it was clearly visible that I do)

You need to use an email address of a registered user. Not “test”

Test is not an email address. Use a real email address of a registered user in the magic text.

See docs here: Notification API | Abracadalo API Handbook

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Okay, the test passed. I guess this is the mail I specify just for the test, and then everything will be sent to the current user. Right?

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Yeah, you’ll just need to fill the magic text with the current user’s email on the custom action (not in the pop-up but in the actual action’s magic text)

In my example, I’m using more fields for the parameters but you can see the email is “Current user > email” in the last screenshot:


I think I got it, thank you very much!


I have one more question for you. I have after the “success - fulse” test. And in the personal account of Abracadalo there is no history of shipments. Does this mean that the notification will not be sent even when I try to do it through TestFlight?
On your video I’m watching - True

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You want the result of the success parameter to be true. If it comes back as false, the notification will not be sent.

Record your screen again and show the results so that we can better troubleshoot :slight_smile:


That’s it! I think I got it all set up. Everything works now)


Hello, i will ask for your help again.

I have not received a push notification and I don’t understand what the reason is. In abracadalo it says the notification was sent. In adalo I made a request to allow push notifications to be sent. I have uploaded the build to apple. I test through testflight, in the app I click on the button with the action that sends the push (it has a custom action on it), then a request for permission to send push notifications appears and I accept it. In abracodalo I see that everything is sent, but I wait 10 minutes and nothing comes, even though I set the delay to 10m. What could be the reason?) Thank you)

Perhaps @Abracadalo can troubleshoot what happened for you.

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