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:raised_hand: Hey everyone,

We are very happy to announce our Notification API! You can now send an email, sms or even a push notification with the ease of one API call!

With our Free plan you can set up and test your notification system for free !

Features announced:

  • :date: Schedule a notification for a date in the future

  • :repeat: Send a notification recurrently and set the times to be repeated or leave it for ever

  • :envelope_with_arrow: Create your own email templates in our dashboard

  • :clipboard: Manage your scheduled notifications from the Scheduled Notification Dashboard

  • :mage: With the new Master Wizard Plan, set up notification for as many Adalo apps as you want!

  • :shushing_face: And more features are coming!

You can visit our API Handbook if you wish to learn more !

We have created a tutorial where we will walk you through the process to set me the Notification API!

If you have any question, you can reply to this post, send us a private message or submit a ticket

:incoming_envelope: For email tickets click here

If you would like to get your free account please visit
abracadalo.com and you can sign up directly on our homepage!


@Abracadalo hi, Iโ€™m creating a property rental management application, and I need to create a billing rule and it will have reminders before the monthly rent payment date, before the contract expires and other reminders.

Is this api possible for me?

a note: the app is saas

Yes you can achieve that using this api


Do you have an example video for this purpose that I need?
I want to see how the date issue works

Hello @Rios,

It is possible to build such a feature with our Notification API. In order to create the reminder feature you will need to schedule notification parameter (date) of the Notification API. You can check our tutorial for the Notification API:

We are also working on a tutorial and Template for the reminder feature.

The Abracadalo Team

Any idea when this template for the reminder feature will be ready?

My APP is a Saas for rental property owners and I will offer a billing rule (notifications and reminders)

At the beginning of August we will release this template.

What kind of notifications would you like to implement? With the Abracadalo Notification API you can have:

  • Schedule a notification for a future date
  • Send a notification recurrently ( for example every Monday
  • you can send sms, email and push notification

Best Regards,
The Abracadalo Team


I will send reminders as follows:

Example: Lease due on 07/28/2022

I will put a reminder 10 days before, 3 days beforeโ€ฆ on the due date and after the due date if the rent is not paid correctly

I believe that this api I can use in the mei app

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Hello, I saw the new post of adaloโ€™s plan, and for API integration the plan is too high, see the option to make components, otherwise you will lose a lot of customers too, as adalo will lose.

Me app is still on sale and if Adalo doesnโ€™t review the values โ€‹โ€‹and form of the plans, Iโ€™ll switch to another platform.

Hello Rios,

Because of Adalo new pricing plan, we are thinking to adapt our plans in order to be more accessible to our customers.

We are thinking about introducing bundles of api calls per months that would be less expensive than the subscriptions. What do you think about it? In other words to pay what you use.

per share is the worst option there is.

Adalo will mostly fall for this action idea, at least at first.

There is no way for me to control the actions of my clients, nor can my
clients control the actions of his clients.

So applications are very limited.

I started my project in adalo, Iโ€™m seeing that Iโ€™m going to get in a
daze if I continue.

Claudio Rios

Fantastic new product. Thank you very much. No more Twilio/Sendgrid api calls.

hi, can i make a trigger notification of new chat messages? I have a chat in Adalo for users and I want that when a user writes and sends a message to another user, he would receive a notification about a new message? I can do it ? if so how? and will it work as a push notification to the phone?

Hello TonyS,
This is possible with our Notification API but also with the built in Adalo notification feature. In order to use our API you will need to create a new custom action.

With the Notification API you can trigger a Push Notification, you can also trigger an Email and a SMS. All notifications type can be triggered onButton Press, on a specific time in the future, and recurrently.

You watch the following video that will guide you how to use our Notification API.

You can also find more details in our handbook and in the following forum post

Best regards,
The Abracadalo team

Hi @Abracadalo.
I am developing an employee management app in 2 versions Web & Mobile version using Adalo. The App is developed to provide a means of notifying all users whenever a new Post or Event has been added to the App. At present users are only able to receive notification/s when a new Post or Event has been created using the Mobile version but not when using the Web Version.
I would like to know if it is possible to set a up a scenario (using Abracadalo or make.com) that I can use to send Push notification to the Mobile app whenever a new Post or Event has been created or added to on the Web App.

Ciao @Abracadalo,
I would like to integrate the notification function on the app that is almost ready (just missing this function).

My situation is a bit peculiar:
a. I have a collection of dates on which a particular waste is scheduled for pickup;
b. I would like the notification to be sent 4 hours before the day of collection.

I created such a situationโ€“I hope the screenshot is comprehensive enough:

  1. I basically did a calculation that takes 4 hours off the stroke of pickup day;
  2. then I added a โ€˜visibilityโ€™ rule I would like to avoid sending unnecessary notifications on days when the retreat is not scheduled.

I hope you can help me with my problem, thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @Indave,

Firstly we want to thank of considering our service for your application. Thank you for your support!

In order to give you the best possible help we will need to know a little more about your app. What your app is about? Will you create an ยซevent ยป and in the creation process you need to schedule an notification for 4 hours before the event? Or will the collection will be the same, for example every week, and you need a recurrent scheduled notification every week 4 hours before the collection?

Best Regards,
The Abracadalo team

Ciao @Abracadalo,
thank you for replying to me.
I will go into the details of my app with the info you requested:

  • I created an app that is a waste management calendar for a few locations in my area. The calendar is pre-loaded, the user will see the waste expected for the next day. The user will only see the expected waste based on his location;
  • I have a collection with calendar dates loaded via a CSV. The date collection is linked to the โ€˜Rejection Typeโ€™ collection;
  • The list displaying the rejection for the next day is sufficient on the โ€˜Dateโ€™ collection. This is updated every day and provides information on the expected collection at that location;
  • I cannot use festivities, as there are feast days on which there are no retreats.

So I was thinking of attaching Abracadaloโ€™s notification to the โ€˜Wasteโ€™ list, which is within the โ€˜Dateโ€™ category. This way I get the information needed to trigger the event. Or at least I thought of it that way.

The rejection to be withdrawn is updated at 00:00 the next day. I would like the notification to reach the user at 8:00pm the day before. For example:

  • tomorrow is the wet waste;
  • today, at 8:00pm the user receives the notification in their app advising them to put the wet waste outside the door.

I hope I have given you the right information so that you can better understand the app I have developed.
Thank you in advance for your invaluable help :slight_smile:

Ciao a tutti!
I revised my template.
I activated the custom notification action to the โ€˜dateโ€™ list by setting a delay of 20 h and โ€˜start of dayโ€™ as the date.
In theory it should trigger the notification 20 h after 00:00 each day. This is according to the visibility conditions which I do not know if they are taken into account by the custom action.

I hope the reasoning will lead me to the final solution :slight_smile: