Hi all im new to adalo

im new to this platform
can I get an overview of platform
also I’m making
a web app so how I publish it???

I’m gut in designing but not in databases so I need there tutorial toooo

one more question do u also have to do coding if yes then where??

  • can i make a search engine here?

Welcome! There’s a lot of resources for each individual part of making an Adalo app. There isn’t so much in the way of a start to finish course.

First I recommend having a quick look at database design in general to understand the concepts. A video like this will help:

In terms of ‘search engine’, yes you can search on Adalo but it isn’t overly powerful. Usually we can just search one field in the database. Here is a good video about searches in adalo:

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the above things arent answered

You don’t have to code anywhere! However, you can choose to make your own components if you would like, more about that here: https://www.adalo.com/marketplace

To publish your app look on the left side of the screen in the menu, there should be a publish item there.

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