Hi I am making a social media app | I need help in creating a news feed

I am working on this project a simple social media app like twitter where you can post an image, status, and react with a heart or like. Can someone help me out create a newsfeed? I am new here I just started a few weeks ago and I am having a hard time creating a news feed I dont know where to start … thanks!

Welcome, there are few cloneable apps that may help you!

Clone Facebook Clone to Jumpstart Your No Code App (adalo.com)

Clone Minimal Blog App to Jumpstart Your No Code App (adalo.com)

There are tutorials also from youtube,.

Like this one from @michael.ionita

How To Create An App Like Instagram - Easy, Fast, Anyone Can Do It - No Coding Required - YouTube

Or even you can buy a course in udemy for cheap price to access @pfordmedia tutorials!

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