Hide number in a text

I create a games application which you have to fill in a form then it will be published on the home page.

My issue is the following :

  • once the form is completed, I want it to all appear on the home page. But I can only see the title and subtitle so I want to add a line (text) to display other information

  • I want to hide the numbers it can only be displayed after completing an action

  • I want that in the description section I do not want to give the possibility to put a number

  • and finally how can I add a drop-down menu in the information form

NB: the home page displays all the information entered in the form.

thank you and help me please

Hi @nxwfreelance2019 ,

  1. Try adding text component into that list
  2. To hide, need to set visibility for that component (click 3 dots icon)
  3. Set the input type to be number, in mobile, this will show keyboard with numbers only
  4. Add relationship in that collection, form will automatically convert it into dropdown.

It is useful if you take some screenshots to describe your issue.

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I want to hide the number make it gray and make it visible after a subscription just for 24 hours and after that become gray again (invisible)

Please help me, I already appreciate your different help

What options you have in visibility ?

That will determine your expression.

I have no option, as I said above, I want the text to be invisible and a purchase the number appears just for 24 hours

Hi @nxwfreelance2019 :wave:

To disappear that text after 24 hours you can create a Date property and set that in the form in automatically section to current Time and set the visibility condition to that text like Current Item created date property>is before > Tomorrow. Then after 24 hours it’s disappearing ( Tomorrow ). I tried and for me it’s working.

Thank you

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As for me this visibility condition will not work, as Current Item’s creation date will always be before Tomorrow.
Moreover, “Tomorrow” doesn’t represent the 24hrs difference with current time - it returns 12AM of next day, in the time zone of the app user. So, for each day “Tomorrow”'s value will be different.

As it’s not possible to use the calculations in Visibility conditions, the simplest way to ensure that the items will disappear will be to add a datetime property, call it something like an “expiration datetime” and set it to “Current Time + 1” upon the item creation. This means that we add 1 day = 24 hours to the current time.
And then, make the item conditionally visible, so that it’s visible only when Current Item → Expiration Date is before Current Time.


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really i appreciate your help and i swear i dont know what to do in return you have a good heart. But please I see either in capture or a simpler explanation

what I understood I put in image, for me it will be necessary to create a datetime collection and I create an expiration property then I configure inside I add + 1h to the current time

then I come to the text in question that I want to make invisible after 24 hours, the rule is the test is visible if the current date is before the time of collection.

sorry if I mix up a bit!

can you help me configure this? in capture please

Hi @nxwfreelance2019,

Ok, let me try to explain using an example which I’ve created for you.

Here is the collection: it has Name, Data to be hidden (we will hide this property), and an Expiration DateTime (we store the date&time after which the data shouldn’t be shown):

This is another view of this collection:

I’ve created a screen with a list on it. What I want to do is to show “Data to be hidden” ONLY before the Expiration:

To do so, I have created a conditional visibility for the 2nd text label in the list, so it is visible only when the expiration datetime is after current time:

And here is the result: for the 2nd item the “data to be hidden” isn’t visible, as the visibility condition isn’t met.

And final step for your case - when you create the record, set Expiration Date&Time to Current Time + 1.

Hope this helps.


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