Make a text visible for 24 hours only

please someone can help me with this, I really want you to help me with these two very important points for me

  • I create a rule so that the advertisement published on the home page is automatically deleted after 9 days in case it is not possible the advertisement becomes invisible after 9 days

  • I want a text to be as visible as for 24h and after invisible but every time a user comes he can always see for 24h

I did this with a image in a social media app. The image has an expiration date and a show. So once the expiration is reached it doesn’t show it anymore. It works.

please show me if you can take screenshots for me for practice :disappointed:

Database - Expiration
Post expiration = 12 hours from post
List displays all posts with a custom filter that expiration is between current time and 12 hours from now.

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sorry then in database expiration how we configure the 12h please

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