Hire Component Developer,

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to Hire a Component Developer

It’s an available component, but I want someone to help me add some modifications to it.

this one:

‏لقطة الشاشة ٢٠٢٢-٠٤-٢٦ في ١.٠٩.٢١ م


this component is from PragmaFlow, and it’s available free and ( open source ) from here.

As you can see an action happens every 1 second, and I can modify it as I want.

I want it to be like this:

An action that happens every time Input 1 changes.

What do I mean?

there’s input 1, and input 2

input 1 contains 50, and input 2 contains a fixed number let’s say it’s 100

input 1 + input 2 = 150

I want it to make action every time input 1 changes.

I believe this is possible if you add another input to compare with input 1 and a conditional setting on the action.

Can you explain how input 1 and input 2 are filled and how they would change?

I understand you, and i do it like this.

But still waiting for someone who can develop “onChange” Component, or when user finish writing in Input some action will happen.