I am looking for a developer to develop a component for me


I’m looking for a developer who can develop a component like the link below.
I want the design just like the link below! ‘‘exactly’’

number animation - CodeSandbox

That the number always changes every time a “user” clicks a button within my app.

Of course I don’t want the developer to develop a “button” with the component.

Just empty input inside the Component and I will link it to an external button “from Adalo”

If the user presses a “random number” = the button that I will provide to them.

If it ends at 100.
Then he click again, I want the number to start at 100, not from the beginning “0”

It start from 100 to another random number, whether it’s less than 100 or more than 100.

Is this possible?

I apologize for my English, it may have some errors.
But, I’m going to better communicate my idea to any programmer who can help me build something like this.

Thanks, Yousef.

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