Home Screen with a countdown works strange

hi everyone!
I have a multi-language app which consists of 3 sets of screens for FR,EN,RU languages
So I’ve set up a Home Screen page with 3 countdowns:
if user’s language is French — after countdown ends, go to the FR home page
if user’s language is English — after countdown ends, go to the EN home page
if user’s language is Russian — after countdown ends, go to the RU home page

Here’s the problem — at the beginning it worked perfect, but now it works only 5 times out of 10 (for the same account).
What could be the reason of it? Thanks!

Hi @Helenakin :wave:

The countdown doesn’t start?

And you can add the three conditional link actions to a one countdown component.

Thank you

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Hi @Helenakin,

Just in case: for proper testing, you need to restart the app every time (not use “Back” button) - as I remember countdown timer keeps its state after starting. E.g. if it counted down once, it won’t restart unless you hide and show it again.

For your case, I don’t think you need countdown at all. You can simply add 3 conditional on-screen-enter actions, which direct user to the specified page.

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks @Victor ! I’ll try it this way


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