Notifications - jump back to homescreen issue

Hey everyone.

Having a problem with notifications. Its surrounding a process where a managing user sends an update to all users. the notification drives them to an updates page. That process works perfectly.

Unfortunately, after a few seconds the app jumps the user back to the home page. I have recently added a countdown timer on the loading page that determines the right path for the user when they open the app, its set to 4 seconds to give time for the data to load and i think thats what is happening. I think the user hits the loading page, starts off the countdown timer, goes to the updates page and is then automatically kicked to home page because timer runs out.

Anyone else run into this issue? Is there a better way to handle actions on the loading page. I also have a lottie there which could be used as well to trigger actions. Would appreciate any thoughts. @Victor @dilon_perera this feels like something you guys would have dealt with in your work.

Hi @jromeo80,

I’ve seen cases with timers executing actions after user leaves the screen with timer. Although as I remember user had to visit this screen first.

Did you try to use on-screen-enter actions for your loading page, instead of using timer or lottiefiles? In my opinion, there is no need for these extra elements.


Thanks for getting back to me, Victor. Yeah tried the onscreen originally but because the user could be directed to three different screens based on rights (three separate actions), I was having trouble making them work properly. A while back @Flawless had mentioned that it could be because the data hasnt loaded to the page yet and therefore the onscreen action cant complete. So I shifted to the countdown timer approach and it works perfectly when a user normally enters the app. Its just the notification experience that has the issue.

Do you think that even with a notification screen direct the user will still pass momentarily through the loading page upon entering the app? Thats got to be the issue i think. I could try to shuffle some things so the countdown timer doesnt run at first entry or something like that.

Hey @jromeo80,

I will be very surprised if is related to data not being loaded. I have a lot of apps with on-screen-enter “Home Routing” actions (some of which are very complex) and I’ve never seen any issues (except for my own mistakes :slight_smile: ). I always disable “instant navigation” for these actions, just in case.

Maybe in your case it was a local Adalo glitch. I would be really interested to see the case when on-screen-actions don’t work, and timer actions work :slight_smile:

Yes, it seems that user is passed through the Home screen. By the way, I’m not sure that your user will get to Notification screen if the app is not running (completely closed) - last time I checked they always went to Home screen anyways.


Ok. Thanks. Just rebuilt and added the actions to the end of the Lottie and deleted countdown timer. I’ll try that first. And explore more with the onscreen if that doesn’t solve it. Appreciate the followup!

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