Homescreen icon in PWA

We have been in contact with Adalo for about 12 weeks now about the homescreen icon, which does not appear properly when setting your own url. It is constantly being told (fortunately, Adalo does respond) that tests are being done. Week in week out. I cannot use Adalo commercially in this way and would probably switch to another platform for this reason. Are there any users who also have this problem?

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The same thing happens to me.
I have been trying to find a solution for this for months.
We can’t sell PWA applications and they don’t work as PWA.
Some people have told me to find a developer to order a custom component. But they don’t assure me that it will work either.
This forum can be installed correctly as a PWA. Is it so difficult to adapt the same solution to all our applications?
Please, a solution soon!