Problem with iOS pwa add to home screen icons

Hi all

Anyone else having issues with PWA ‘Add to home screen’ icons? They are cut off when I publish the app on a custom domain…



Hi Claire,

I did see this a few weeks ago, it looks like a bug from Adalo’s side.

I haven’t tried this, but delete the app icon/image then press save, then refresh the editor, upload the icon, press save, refresh the editor.

If that doesn’t work I would just submit a support ticket.

I hope this helps!

I have the same issue. sent them a support ticket

Hey @axme @claireconza,

Adalo is working on a fix, should be pushed this week if testing goes well. :slight_smile:


Hi James.
I have the same issue now. When can you fix it?

Hello @James_App_Maker,

Any progress with the IOS PWA add to home screen icon not working?
I have the same issue as seen below.


Hi @Emmanuel we are testing the fix for this issue today and into Tuesday. Barring any major regressions seen, this should be ready to deploy mid week!

We will update here, and directly to anyone that has written in about this once this has been confirmed as fixed and deployed!

We appreciate everyones patience!

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