Honeypot Bot Blocker?

I’m trying to setup a honeypot bot blocker on my signup screen.

Here’s how it works on non-adalo websites.

  1. invisible checkbox placed on page. If invisible checkbox is selected, the user account is not created, the page does not proceed.
  2. If bot tries to signup, the bot will fill in all checkboxes, including the invisible one. The bot does not know that the field is invisible, and takes the bait of the honeypot.
  3. Bot signup is blocked.

The problem I am encountering in Adalo, is that I can’t set the account creation to be dependent on the an invisible field NOT being checked.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey @nikosan I believe currently any layers that are hidden will not be present in the HTML DOM that’s outputted. And also we don’t currently have any way to add a checkbox to a custom form. But as a general rule, you can move elements off-screen (above the screen works best) using the arrow keys. Not sure this will work for your checkbox, but you could potentially use a text box.

Hi Jeremy, Thanks for the reply.

I would need to include it in the signup form.
Looks like that isn’t possible, since there is a logo in the top half of the screen.