Is it possible to add a confirmation password and a robot check to signup page

Hi, i was just wondering after using the app and looking around, i couldn’t find a way to add a password confirmation tab, and a robot check if it is possible somehow :slight_smile:, thank you.

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Right now it’s not possible but in near future it will.

Alright, thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:.

Any update as to when this will be available?

Robot check, no. Password confirm and email MFA, yes.

Is there anything special to do for a password confirm?

or do we just use form fields


i think there will be a recaptcha component in the near future :grin:

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Hi, please update the info, is it available password confirmation check or feature now?

Hi @devthines,

What exact functionality do you need?

If you’d like to have an email confirmation upon login, there are plenty of solutions now - for example, Adastacks | Email Verification from @pford.
Or you can build your own based on Sendgrid/SendInBlue, take some ideas from this tutorial: Adalo tutorials: multistep customised password reset. ATTENTION - IMPORTANT UPDATES in description. - YouTube


Hi, I’m talking about password, not the email

Hi @devthines,

Sorry, it is still unclear for me what would you like to achieve.
What do you mean by



Hello Victor,

I think he meant if there is a way, hack, or documented ways to add a password confirmation feature on the sign-up section which allows us to verify that we input the exact password we want. Sometimes with no password confirmation, you can easily misspell the password you want and that’s a pain in the ass.

I want to know also if password confirmation in Adalo is possible.


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Hi @titovirtual,

I guess one will need to build a custom sign-up form (from the Labels, Inputs and Button components) and attach the logic to it. May be split it into 2 screens (1st screen - email, 2nd screen - password with check).
Checking that password matches is easy - you can set the action to be conditional (like this: here I have 2 inputs which are called “Password Input” and “Password confirmation”:

To avoid users putting in empty passwords (in this case the condition is met - both inputs are empty), one could make the button conditionally visible, so that it is visible only when the input is not equal to empty.
With additional visibility group one can even implement the visibility for password match.

Best regards, Victor.


BTW, if we’re talking about setting of password complexity (i.e. it should have uppercase / lowercase letters, numbers, minimum length, etc.), then I’m not aware of an easy way to do this in Adalo.
All ideas which come to my mind require sending the password to 3rd party service for such checks, which compromises the whole idea.
May be some component developer will build the custom component with complex password checks functionality :wink:


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I don’t know if this is related or not, because too few words to digest, we are not wizards. :grinning:

For change password, I use input field as password type, hidden input field as switch that old password is correct, put button and add 2 actions, first is login with logged in user and that password input field, and second link to interim screen, in the interim screen I change input value to success (in the screen’s action)
then link back.

You can play with change visibility by grouping components that ask for old password then group for new password, after successful login.

Thanks, Victor for the fast response and detailed insight. I am hoping as well we are going near with the Geolocation feature (just want to insert that, sorry).

Other than that I am going to try what you just illustrated here.

Amazing community so far.

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We’ve made two components like this at NoCode Monkey if anyone is interested.

1.) Input Validator: This is a button similar to the email validator. It will allow you to set minimum character limits, exclude different character, and set stronger restrictions with Regex.

2.) Better Sign Up Form: This one is the full package. Allows you to set password requirements at the click of a button. You can also hide/reveal the password to make sure you typed it correctly.

Here’s a video of the component in action.
Copy of Untitled (3)


@Michael – How do you find these components in the Adalo marketplace?

@Emeka You can find the component here…

@Michael – maybe I’m missing something but how is this connected to Adalo? If I purchase the component on your site, will it show up in my Adalo components folder? Additionally, can this component be used for non-password elements (e.g., zipcodes must be 5 digits long)?