Horizontal Card List showing up weird

Hi team,

I have a few horizontal card lists on one screen. it should look like this:

but for some users…it shows up like this and the main difference is how many items a user has under each category. in this example…most lists are empty and I have a placeholder image to show, but that’s not showing up either on top of the weird formatting.

Also even in the first screen where things are loading eventually…sometimes the screen would start looking like the second one, then eventually populates with a lag.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Ycampbell :wave: :wave:

For me it’s working good. Yidi do you set the fixed type to bottom or top? Can you send a screenshot of this screen in the editor ?

Thank you :blush:

Hi @dilon_perera, thanks so much for your response!

So I have a text box, a line, a horizontal card list and a white box all grouped together and that’s one section. and there are 4 groups like this on one screen. Each group is not fixed right now and when i load the screen in preview…they get scrunched up like the second image in my previous post.

Should they be fixed? I tried that and it made it look even more confusing.

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Your welcome Yidi :innocent:

Yidi check whether the fixed type of the components in that groups are none and If not set all to none and set none to the groups also. And then check Yidi . :innocent:

Thank you :blush: