Horizontal list /detailed view and filters

Hello guys,

I must admit I never understood properly the functioning of lists in Adalo :shushing_face:

I would like to display horizontal lists since the component is now available and allow to have a detailed view.
Please, see as example :
The list:

The details:

I found the cloneable kit for horizontal lists. The Airbnb one would perfectly fit. However :

  • I don’t know the mechanics of it, how to reproduce it
  • I would like to add another list of category (filter) to display the category in a detailed view and then be able to display the item in a detailed view.
    See below :

Here is a good video by @Victor on using a list to set categories. Hopefully gives you the direction in which you need to go.


Thank you! Awesome ressources by @Victor as usual.
However I’m still really stuck for displaying a detailed view of each card list item. I never understood how it works.

The action for the list item should link to a new page. This new page will be the detail page. Here you can set an image, text and background etc

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But there is only one action for an entire list. Will the specific item chosen will be displayed that way?

Yes the next screen will be aware of which list item was picked. The data is ‘carried’.

You use magic text to set each part of the page. So the image will be ‘Current item > image’, the text would be ‘Current item > description’ etc

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