Exploring horizontal lists, part 1: horizontal chip list as simple category selector

This is a first video of a short series about horizontal lists. These new awesome components greatly extends the design capabilities in Adalo, and could be used in various ways. Here I show how to create a basic version of horizontal “Category menu” with the help of horizontal chip list component and use it instead of dropdown.

Enjoy! Comments and suggestions are welcome!


Very nice! This is much better than a dropdown for sure!

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Horizontal list is game changer!

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Hey @iron49man @pfordmedia have either of you found a work around for Adalo’s inability to inform users of their chip selection? I’ve been using List Labels, but Adalo’s latency is turning this great feature into a bad user experience

Do you mean changing the color of a selection or just like placing their selections as text in a new locations (e.g. filters enabled)?

I have the filters enabled, however the only way to “show/notify” the user that her selection has been made is to change the label of the filtered list. Unfortunately, Adalo’s speed issues can confuse the user, as the filtered lists simply don’t load immediately after clicking on a new chip…

I may test the left-hand nav to replace the chip list