Host image apart from Adalo

Hi everyone !

Like Airtable for data, there is a way or provider to host image and link to my database ? I need to host upto 1000 images in FHD and I have some doubt about speed optimization

Thank you !

Hey @devrimdmk

Yes, this is possible.

You need to use a “Custom Action” with API to upload to an external host. Then, you need an “External Collection” to display them.


Hi @devrimdmk,

Just for information: I now have about 3,5K images and counting (lots of user uploaded content).
Speed is mostly impacted by image optimization at loading time - you can use the Imgix options for this.
Just storing it in the Adalo database is fine. They upload it themselves to Imgix, which completely focuses on serving images fast. Storage space might become an issue, but not with 1K images.

The only place where images load slow (when optimized) is the image slider component. Seems to be a lazy loading issue.

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