What is better - adding image via url or upload it to Adalo?

Hello!! I am still learning Adalo, and I need an advice from someone who has experience.
For the Image property for my records I have two options - upload image or via Url (I can host images on my server).
What is better for the app performance? I prefer the url option because I am planning to upload records from csv but I am not sure of that is a good decision.
Thank you!

Hi @draganavb ,

If you have many images and have been hosted, URL is a better choice.

Adalo use imgix hosting for image, so whenever image picker is used, it will be uploaded there.


Go with URLs.

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Thank you very much for your answers. Last question - I am going to make an app that will have 50+ travel guides, each guide will have many attractions and i will use maps a lot. Although it will not be very complicated app, is Adalo good for that kind of project? I read some bad reviews about the speed when it comes to complicated apps, but I am not sure if the app I am going to make is complicated in that terms. I really like this builder and it’s logic, but I am going to invest time in it and I don’t want to regret it in the future. Thank you

Hi @draganavb ,
I am also currently doing a Travel App for a customer. What we agreed is to do the app in Adalo but with XANO DB. If App gets successful at a certain point (Let’s say during still MVP), and Adalo gets slow, then I rollout to another Mobile app builder (DB stays the same, just switch frontend, much easier and faster).

Just create the app and rollout and see how it grows, if it starts to get slow, trigger plan B.

If you decide to go with Adalo Collections, also fine, but migrating DBs will be a bit more complex as you need to do the switch over night for existing users and reset their passwords.

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Hi @JL_LJ thank you very much for your answer.
I think that may be the best solution for me. I just hope that I will be able to do it, I am very new here and still learning.
Have a nice day!

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I just did a quick test with 2.3mb photo to see which loads faster. All 3 photos are the same photo.

You’ll notice that Picture #1 was by far the fastest, using the actual database selection. Picture #3 is the slowest to load as it’s grabbing the image from an external source.


Nice comparison :slight_smile: . Some questions here @Flawless :slight_smile:

  • Adalo’s servers are located in USA, where are you located?

  • Where is the Server located for the Image 3?

  • Also a question for Adalo, What is the priority in loading components?

I assume loading a component (Image 1), in the screen loading, would have priority over calling an external connection, so here I would assume a bit gain by default in speed.

I do expect some latency for Image 3 by default (Main benefit in storing images externally is saving storage, unless Adalo would be fully compatible with CDNs), but would be interesting to see if in same locations it really has a big impact.

Finally would be interesting to see if this would impact Low sized images and what is the Optimal threshold.

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