How a user can disable trigger notification from app (using switch button)

I wonder if the trigger notification action can be disable by each user in the app.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

If the users don’t want to get a notification, they should do it in their device settings. :slight_smile:

Thanks @cihan but if the user doesn`t know how to do that how can i add and option in my app to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Please be aware that Trigger Notification has a filter.
So you may create a condition for the all users and if an user change the condition the filter will not allow them to receive a notification.

Screenshot 06-18-2021 18.34.10

Thank @ionutilie i have an idea.

1.- Set a property in users like “Notifications” with value “true or false”
2.- Add a toggle button in the user profile to set “true or false” the value for notifications.
3.- In the trigger notification set “All users”
4.- Filter the users in notification only for users with “true” value on notification property.

I hope this works.
Thanks so much.

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