Custom notifications for users

Hey guys,
I was wondering how does it work with turning on/off notifications. Can I please double check if I understood correctly? Is this correct set up if I want to give a user an option to switch notifications on/off.

Trigger notifications actions (f.e. when sending a message)

  • Recipient - custom filter - Notifications is true

Notification Screen (where user can switch on/off notifications)
Switch element from elements library

  • What property does this switch?
    • Logged in User - Notifications (true/false property)
  • On (Switch property)
    • Enabled switch Text - On
    • Action - Notifications - switch value
  • Off (text Off)
    • Action - Notifications - switch value

And does anyone know how is this affected by “Request Notification” alert? (the one required)

This is quite complicated and I cannot determine it in my web app so hopefully, someone with experience knows :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:

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Great question and even better timing, I’m avidly awaiting some info on this topic too, I hope someone is kind enough to make a tiny clip/tutorial or a simple clone to demonstrate the functionality… heck, I’d even pay for a tutorial video :wink:

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