How can I add an entire collection to a user with one button?

Hello! Intention is to be able to add an entire collection by tapping a button for each user.

user sign up > select model > entire collection added to user

Any tips on this?

Hi Greg, from here it seems to be a similar needs than what this user had in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that, it’s appreciated. Not helpful for my needs.

Greg this would require a type of “bulk action” and we don’t have this feature at the moment. It is on our roadmap and something we’d like to get to sooner than later as we recognize the use case for this. There really isn’t an accurate feature request for this at, but you can upvote this one, Adalo | Copy Child Items Feature Reqeuest.

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Hi Ashley, appreciate the response. Obviously very helpful once this is added :slight_smile: