Create an entry in linked collections


I have two collections: users and jobs. A list of users where each user can have multiple jobs and a list of jobs where each job can have multiple users.

I have linked both collections using the third option (each can have multiple of the other) but how can I update/add an entry with an action button? For example I want to be able to add a job to the current logged user when I click submit but right now when I try to update entries in the logged in user the only options available under the job record is “keep unchanged” with add and remove grayed.

Am I missing something?

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So in your screen there is a Job List and when the user select jobs then that Jobs has to add in user’s property? If it is you have to link to another screen and add the button. Then you can add and remove. Because in that screen that data is not available. It’s a list. You have to link it to another screen. Or you can add a button on the Job list and then you can add and remove

Here’s example app that I created.

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