How can I allow my merchants to access their stripe accounts through Adalo

I’ve set everything up so that individuals can access stripe and become merchants but when I attempted to check transaction history through stripe directly I was denied because the account was created through my application. I can access the account i use for the platform fee but I cannot access the test account I am using for the merchant profile. I just want my merchants to be able to log in to stripe and see how much money they’ve made without any hiccups. I see no issue with having that access be through the application I just need to know how.

Would I use a custom action or link them to stripe externally after the initial connection? Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by access their accounts? In what capacity?

I figured out my issue. I just needed to make a button through my app that would link to the stripe log in. I wanted to set things up so that the user would be logged in to the stripe account that correlated to the account on my app.

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