How can I make a database's property particular for each user?

Hello everyone,

I have a database called “Services”, it’s a list of services. The new users have to select services they want to propose and add their own price. Each user may have a different price. I’ve tried to create a price database related to users and services but the relationships did not seem to work because users can I have multiple prices but a service can have one price and vice versa. I was thinking that the right answer is to add a property to the service database and to make ii particular for each user, but I don’t how I can do that.

Well, you can create a new property called (Users services) with a price property. And each time the user selecst a service, he creates a new record in the (Users services) collection with his custom price.

Thanks @Ali-Bazzi

Actually I have a property called Users-services in my user database but it’s a relationship between users and services.
And when I create a new property (price) in the services database, It does not understand that it’s unique to each user (Users-services).

I don’t if it’s clear :confused: