How can i submit 2 item for 2 differents database

Newbie here, sorry, bear with me…

So i created a form and and picture input but both items go to different database, can i do it?

Currently with adalo no.

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Thank you for the fast reply

An other question…

So i created a button to insert the picture in the correct database but how do i delete it from the database ?

I created a button but it doesn’t find my database or my input…

You want user to delete image from database, or update image of their profile picture?

I found how to update it, i want them to be able to erase

So here is what I would do, if you dont want the user to update their picture, you can add your own button and choose “delete logged in user profile picture” as adalo don’t use a form to delete something, either create or udpate.

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