How to allow user to delete image from a record?

I am fairly familiar with Adalo. I know how to use actions to update records. I don’t see an action, however, to allow a user to delete an image for a record. Is this possible?

The delete option is just below the update option for actions.

@Colin Thanks for the reply. That option doesn’t allow for deleting just an image in a record. Unless I am missing something. Would you like for me to show you what I am seeing?

Hi @nodnarb1129,

That’s an interesting question!
“Delete” option deletes the whole record, as I understand. And if one tries to use “Update” option, there is no possibility to make the image blank, it requires some image source.
Tried with the empty Image Picker - didn’t work, the image is not deleted. Also didn’t manage to use another static image as image source for Update action.

The only workaround I’ve found, is to:

  • create new record, taking everything from the old one, except the image
  • delete old record.

It worked for me, but obviously these are 2 different records, so timestamps sorting etc. will break.

Apologies for interfering :slight_smile:

@Victor Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I need timestamps and sorting to work a certain way. That was a creative work-around, though. It’s crazy that there isn’t an option to allow a user to delete just an image. Hoping to hear back from someone at Adalo on this.

Just a small idea - you probably could use additional custom fields for storing “created”/“modified” timestamp and use additional field for sorting.
Though creating custom structure beside built-in one sounds a bit complicated :slight_smile:

@Victor Yeah, that sounds more complicated than I am willing to go. I will just keep pestering the Adalo team. That sounds easier to me :innocent:

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Indeed there is no way to do that to a specific property of a record. However you could set up a separate collection for just images then create a relationship to the other collection. This way you could delete just the image specific to that record.

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@Colin Thanks for the reply. Is it going to be possible to allow for a user to delete just an image from a record in the future? It seems like this would be super simple to add. Is this on the roadmap?

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