How do I fix this blank space?

Screenshot 2022-09-25 at 9.09.40 am

Need a solution plz

Hi @firozkhanuk1214_01,

What space? You mean the chat bubble space?

Thank you


The big space just after the last message

So you need the bottom text box to come to top? Or bring the list to middle?

No I want to remove this space

Could someone help please?
@Flawless do you have a solution?

If the group below that says message is inside a list, you must upload the group and then shrink the square and the list, if it is outside a list the same, you upload the message group and then shrink the screen

Not sure what you mean, here’s how it’s set up in the editor.
Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 4.26.06 pm

Image component sometimes needs to be hidden if image = empty.
Even if settings on that image component are to ‘show nothing when empty’. It still fills the space. That would be my first thing to try.

Hard to pinpoint without playing around with it in editor, but that would be my 1st suggestion.

Done but still there

Only other things I would try is moving every component up to the next, with zero space in between.
Try deleting the image component altogether, just to rule it out.