List Spacing between items


I’ve got a small issue with sizing between list items. I’ve tried everything I could think off so realistically I’m looking just for lists of ideas and anything that others have found could potentially help.

I had all the items touching at some point and that changed nothing other squeeze everything together. I tried putting shapes behind it for spacing and everything and grouping everything. I’m genuinely out of ideas. Even repeating something I’ve done with a tiny change can be useful literally anything!

If any staff or developers or anyone who might have experienced this could give me a hand with it that would be greatly appreciated. Down below I attached several screenshots to make visualization easier.

I blurred out company info in the last picture.

Use rectangle without background or transparent background to give some space

Have you had any success with that personally? I’m open to trying it again. Do you mean rectangle behind every element and then full widthing and height on the element/group?

There is a native option to lists to adjust the item spacing.

I’ve tried that. The image above is with 0 spacing and I’ve also tried with 5 and 10 and more and nothing changes.

My guess: This is caused by the size of the image component. What happens if you

  • remove it
  • make it small
  • use a small dummy image if no image is in the collection?

I’m talking about this -

With background

Without background

So I have no idea whatsoever as to why this fixed it but deleting the image after everything is already in place and putting it back in and relinking it to everything works. Make sure to leave the “if there is no image display…” part untouched. Meaning absolutely no selection. Original state. After spending about 20 hours on it that seemed to work.

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