How do I get Desktop to look like this, and mobile to look like this?

I just want it to look good on Desktop and Mobile browsers (can see how it looks on mobile through desktop browser dev console → mobile version)

I’m finding it impossible to do anything resembling this.



To do this through Adalo I think you would need 2 different projects, and on your server redirect mobile users to the mobile version. You can share the same data collections between the 2 projects.

Maybe I am not explaining what I mean accurately enough.

I don’t want to publish a “Mobile App” like, to the actual app store, I mean, as my final product is going to have in-app subscriptions and/or other fees, which is not possible to do when publishing an actual mobile app to iphone or android stores without them taking a huge portion of my revenue.

I want to make a Desktop web app that functions both on Desktop and on Mobile browsers.

It seems impossible to get elements to resize / shift at all when resizing the browser window.