How do I input both text and variable on "Share" action?

Goal: Put them together→Hey, answer this question"Current Question>Question"

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Hi @Yuki.O,

Try this :

Add a hidden input and name it as like share message for find it easier! Then add Hey, answer this question and add Current Question>Question from magic text in that input default value section. And add that input in the Share Link action and give it a try!

Thank you

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You are so genius, thank you so much @dilon_perera !!:pray:
Im done with it, but why do you think this shows up?

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Your welcome!

This error appears when you test this action with PWA in the Desktop. If you test this action with PWA with a mobile phone after appearing this error and when you click close then you can share it ( works for me!). This action mostly works on Native Apps!

See this post by Victor :

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I got it. I really appreciate your sincerely support.

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