How do I make individual items in a list have a tick/toggle/select function in a list and be able to send things to everybody that has been selected on that list?

This is in relation to a list of users.

Hi Leaf,

Yes, this is possible. Let’s say you have an update you want to send.

In the update collection, you’ll need a relationship to users. You cau can create a list with a toggle. When you toggle the users, you can add them to the update.

Hello Erik, can you go step by step on how a logged in user would toggle those on the original list to add to the receiving list? Then how to have that receiving list of users be the ones who receive the notification/message/event?

Hi Wind,

Welcome to the Adalo community!

I made a video about how to do this.

Let me know if you have any quesitons.

Thanks for going so in depth, I was able to follow and connect my lists in the way you showed. I really appreciate it.

I hope it’s not too off topic but would you be able to describe how to have those updates be deleted after a certain date or amount of time since creation? Or if something like that is possible?

Easiest would be to filter a total number of updates or the date. Add a filter that to only show the updates after a certain date.

It won’t delete the updates, but it’ll prevent them from being shown.

Gotcha, yeah that’s what I’m doing now but I’m looking for a way to clear those pieces from the database potentially via a weekly or monthly sweep. For now, I suppose the best way is to check manually.

How much content are you generating? You might not want to delete things, for data keeping purposes.

If you’re generating a few updates/week, that won’t be a big deal. If you’re generating a dozens per week, then you’ll want to find a way to make it automatic.

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