Toggle Button behavior issues

I am traversing through screens collecting data from the user, nothing is being written to a collection, just reading options from a collection, it is all in local memory, passing variables from one screen to another. Until I get to the final screen. This screen asks the user to make more selections. There is a LIST selection that queries two choices, the user can only select one. I think I need to use GROUP toggle. However, it looks like the toggle seems to only want to be used with a boolean within a collection and it wants to write its status LIVE to a collection. However, my list selection is NOT to be written to, the collection I am using in my LIST is for read-only purposes. How would you approach this issue?

  1. Is there a way to set the toggle in memory, and then submit all the selections in memory to a collection that is meant to be written to?
  2. Use a different component to generate a radio toggle like behavior where the selection can be stored in memory and submitted to the collection at the end?
  3. This is beyond what Adalo can do, it is best to use a web view component and generate all the selections and then use Adalo API to write the final result to a collection?

Any help is appreciated!

When you create a user, the action of the submission button should be to create “User” in a specified collection. After you’ve created a user, you should be able to select the “current user” from the filter’s option and then the action button would be to update “current user”.

Screenshots of the flow might help explain your ask a bit better.

Correct steps would be -
1 user creates its profile
2 user make all choices.
3 user record them or clear all choices
… all doable in that way.
i m not sure you could records “memory info” even to a user that does not yet exist, might create inconsistent results at the end.

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