How do I round temperature to whole number (WeatherAPI)?

I have a weather forecast screen, using the, following @Victor’s great Youtube tutorial. It works great, but I have one problem. The temperature displays with decimals:

That’s just too detailed for a simple weather forecast! Is it possible to round these to whole numbers?

The fact that this data is pulled from an external collection might complicate things.

I’d appreciate anyone’s help.

Hi Michael,

You can add a custom formula and add the Round function and add the Result from external collection.

( You can found the ROUND Function when you click magic text in the custom formula FUNCTIONS section )

The result ( the city is Sri Lanka ) :

( In here I have added the max with decimal too for better understatement if this works )

Thank you

Perfect (and very easy)!

Side benefit: Now I know how to use custom formulas!

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