Weather API does not work with External collection

Hi @Ben @ashley, Please look at this issue. Thanks

Can some one help me, how to use below end point working with external collection ?

Note - Here I am not looking to use custom action.,india&appid=

Looks like external collection still need load of work. it is not fully flexible enough to work with all the API’s so far.

Note - Please try to get the ‘apikey’ from openweathermap website.

Can you provide some info on the error or results returned from this API?

Screenshots are here -

I hope I get this issue resolved…

@iamharims Adalo currently expects an array […] as a response from an REST API. Only what is in the array = in the [ ] brackets, will be parsed. That’s why the parts you marked as missing don’t show app in the External collection.

@karimoo - Is there any way we can make it possible now. Or this is coming as new feature in future. This is most wanted one for API users. :unamused:

@iamharims I am not part of the Adalo team :wink: The way we have, is to create or upvote feature requests

@karimoo - Thanks. I feel like Adalo going slow with new features release and bug fixes compare to last few weeks. Hopefully they will releases fixs and new features faster

I guess the preparation and launch of the Component Marketplace took a lot of efforts.

@karimoo - I can understand that Adalo really have done a great job around Component marketplace. I appreciate them. I think we can wait for sometime for new features. no problem.

@Colin - Thanks Colin.

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