How do I set favicon (web app)?

Hello, I’ve searched the forum as well as the documentation, but I can’t find how to change the favicon of a web-app. I’ve changed the logo in settings, but I still see a grey favicon whenever I load the app in my browser (using the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge)


Any help would be appreciated. Or a confirmation that this is not possible right now.

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I’ve found a workaround in this thread:

Basically, it somehow works if I duplicate the app. So I duplicated the web app, and deleted the old one, and now it works. It’s weird why it would need this, so I’m guessing it’s a bug


that worked for me too - very strange!

I just uploaded my logo and worked a few minutes later on its own no issues.

Hey there!
I keep having the same problem while publishibg my app directly to a type of thing.
The workabout with copying an app works well for the publishing, but didn’t work with a direct domain publishing.
Did anyone come up with a workabout for that?
UPD1 I would love to set up a favicon with the service my domain is parked with (GoDaddy), however it is not possible on their end unless I publish their brand website first. In the past, it did work well for the cases where I used various prefixes other than www., while the main page had been actually published via GoDaddy.
UPD2 Wow! It has appeared on its own this time. Fingers crossed, it stays like this

Thanks for sharing as it is very useful and informative.

UPD3 Nah, it’s fled away shortly after that. If anyone in Adalo reads this, could you please pick up on this matter. Cheers!