Can't save app icon

Hi All

I can’t seem to set an app icon. I’ve looked through the forum and have seen people suggesting to copy the app and then set the app icon in the copy. This gets around the bug. I have done that and appear to be more successful at the app icon appears in the image box, but as soon as i leave settings its like it never happened!

Any suggestions please?

Is this the app icon in Adalo settings?

If yes, are you following the recommendation (1024px × 1024px)? Also, you do know you have to click “Update app” (the button is in the same section) for the changes to take effect, correct?

I’ve never had any issue setting the app icon.

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Oo I’ve not seen an update app button, where’s that??

Same section where you upload the icon. Scroll down a little and you will find it.

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