How do I set the number I reserve in the app to change in real time after the app goes live? please help

I want to put the number in the app before I go online. I can change it at any time after I go online instead of after I go offline. Is there a formula?

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Hey there @a67694520

Can you explain what you mean by “the number I reserve in the app”?

What is “the number”? Is the number a phone number? App version? Record ID? A count of something?

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It is to directly modify the numbers in the app through the background to change what I want. For example, I left 18850 in the app. After the app is online, I can directly modify it to 28850 for customers to see.

Hi @a67694520 ,

Use App Settings which is 1-record collection that is accessible to all users, you can have numbers, texts, dates etc and can be updated anywhere on screens.

Thank you, I want to ask you again about the process

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Do what @Yongki said


Thank you so much, the problem has been solved, you guys are awesome!


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