How To Make In-App Phone Call and Mask Receiving Phone Number

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My app developer seems to have set up the phone call icon correctly where you can call someone from the app but when I click on it it just goest to a blank page and doesn’t make the call. But when I see her do it from her computer in Guatemala it works fine via FaceTime on her laptop but how come I can’t make the call?

Also, how do we mask a phone number of the number that we’re calling? For example, I want to mask the phone number of the bodyguards and security guards for their privacy purposes. Please help!

Are you testing this on your phone, or an a computer browser preview? Are you both clicking on the same user? Perhaps one has a phone number and the other does not.
To hide the number I believe you need tel:*67{User cell phone}, the *67 prefix should block the caller id.

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I’m testing it from my cell phone. I think part of the problem is the way my app developer sets it up as part of an order.

Have you tried the *67 to hide the phone number? Is it that simple?

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I have not used it in many years because I don’t hide stuff. But the standard code for mobile is *67. It works in North America, I am not sure about the rest of the world.

Code to hide number
Use the *67 code

*67 is a “vertical service code” — one of several codes you can dial to unlock special features on your phone. Specifically, adding *67 to the start of any phone number will block your caller ID when you call that number. This is a quick and temporary way to block your number when making calls.May 6, 2021

Thanks for the breakdown. I also want to hide the number of the bodyguard that is listed in their profile. It’s their cell number and I don’t want just anyone to have access to their personal cell until they decide to give it to them. I understand that *67 would block the outgoing number from showing up but what about the other side?

Ahh, the no, that won’t work. It is also not a no-code task. You cannot call a number you do not know. Was to solve this are to setup a sip server and use sip+rtp, setup a private PSTN/PBX. Not trivial. Depending on your developers skill, have them look into Astrisk PSTN sip stuff and set that up on an aws server, cheapest option, but like I said, it is not easy.

There is no no-code option to have someone make a phone call on their phone without knowing who they are calling.


Ok. Thanks for that clarification. I’ll have my app developers look into Astrisk PSTN.

Another way to ‘hide’ their number would be to give each bodyguard a number from Twilio, which forwards to their personal phone. Of course, people could still call them via this number, but their personal mobile number is hidden, so at some point, you could switch off the forwarding if they no longer wanted to receive calls.

Twilio number would also give the opportunity to record and store the calls if that’s of interest to you. The bodyguard could see his call history and listen to past calls on the app.

There is a cost involved though as Twilio will charge you for the call received, call forwarded, and call recorded.


Ha, yeah, my bad for tech talk in no code. Twilio does/is sip, pstn, pbx, etc… I worked years in teleco building this so I assume terms are known.

Twilio is the pay as you go, no up front cost sip/pstn/pbx solution
Asterisks is the pay to build open source sip/pstn/pbx solution

For me the cheaper option is open source, but Nathan might right the Twilio is probably a more viable option for you.

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Thanks for this info Nathan! I’ll have to look into it.

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I’m most likely gonna go with Twilio.

You might find doing this and having all the data, call times, call length, answer status, repeat caller, call recordings is a very powerful tool for your business. It was a massive unexpected benefit for me. Customer says he isn’t getting calls I say yes you are, or you aren’t answering them. I say you missed X calls, try calling them back if you need the business.

I do a similar thing for one of my apps but using whatconverts which is a tool on top of twilio, but I now plan to get rid of it and go straight through twilio.

Twilio studio is basically no code and you can do everything there.

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I just signed up for a Twilio account and was supposed to talk to an expert but I don’t see anyone available. This is all above my head. LOL.

I’d just start watching Twilio YouTube videos to get started.

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Trudat. That’s how I learned how to build on Adalo. Say, when are you guys going to launch an Adalo Academy where we can take classes from your guys?

The Adalo Academy stuff is in progress at the moment, @pford is organizing it if you have any questions or ideas.


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