How do I take the URL of an image uploaded to Adalo?

Hello, can you help me. I want to upload an image to Adalo and be able to take its URL and send it through the API to another program that uploads the image using as a source the URL of the image that was uploaded to Adalo.

maybe some idea how to do it

Once the image is stored uploaded and stored in a collection you can then reference the URL of that image via magic text.

Thank you for your response, I am new with adalo and could you give me more details on how to do it?

Like this

In this case Avatar is an ‘image’ type field in the User collection.

Perfect, thanks

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Hi Rozza, hope you can help me with a similar question: I have created an app for my users to apply for a certification. To do so, they need to send 3 documents, for which I have used the file component in a form and its working. however, when I use a zappier to send the data base outside Adalo to a google spreadsheet via zappier, I don’t get the document link, only the loca URL file information. Does anyone knows how to get the file url outside adalo?

You just get a file name instead?
Post an example of what you have please

Thanks so much, this is an example of what I get: {‘url’:‘c362ec1ac57dde24e7bff4e7145bfd83d3fd0ea461b0ccde32722ca59f6090ce.png’,‘size’:9600,‘width’:512,‘height’:512,‘filename’:‘456212.png’}

that seems like a local file info only but not sure how else to get the url, appreciate any suggestions!

Your URL is as below. You need to build it in Zapier by adding the prefix to the url part of your object.

This is your prefix


This is very helpful, thanks so much!

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