Adding an image via URL

Hi everyone,

I am trying to upload an image to Adalo via an URL (rather than through the camera or gallery). Is that possible?

Thank you!


Crea una colección y carga las url que necesites y apunta donde queres que el componente de imagen necesites

forgot to mention that the URL is only live for 24 hours through a photo processing API…so i’ll need to grab the image before it expires and upload to Adalo via an URL…I am wondering if that’s possible.


Crea una colección y agrega las url que necesites. y luego apunta al componente de imagen. o convierte en lista

Hi @Ycampbell,

Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to do this in Adalo.
As your image expires, you might want to try storing it somewhere else (Airtable or AWS S3, for example), and then access this image from Adalo app.
You can use Integromat scenario to do this.

Best regards, Victor.

Dear @leguizamonmax,

May I please suggest that conversation is done in a single language, English preferred? For instance, I can’t understand your replies in this exact thread as I don’t speak Spanish.

I can start answering anyone in Russian - but I don’t think this will be a polite and constructive way for helping forum members to solve their problems and answer their questions. Forcing people to use Google Translate is also not the best way to use their time.

Thank you for understanding.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi there. I have no problem answering in English. And I would like to take the opportunity to suggest to the andalo team that we take Spanish into account both in the information and in the forum.

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Thank you both for your response - really appreciate it!

@Victor, i spent all day playing around in inteogromat. I was able to get the processed image into AirTable, then upload it as an image attachment into Airtable. However, i am stuck on how to get that back into Adalo.

Some sreenshots attached. Any advice on how I can finally make this happen? Thank you!

@Victor, please ignore my last post. I just figured it out!! I had to get the record first before updating Adalo =) duh…

Thank you for your support and guidance!


Hi @Ycampbell,

Great that you figured it out!

One note - using Watch Records may result in heavy Integromat credits consumption.

As an alternative, I would recommend using Webhook instead, and calling this Webhook every time your user adds an image in Adalo. Don’t forget to have a field with unique ID for the image (you can use logged-in user email + some big random number via RAND function).

Then the scenario may look like:
→ Webhook (which needs to get the ImageID)
→ List Images
→ put a filter that ImageID from the list equals to the ImageID from the webhook. You will result in getting only one record which can pass this filter
→ then you can use HTTP module and next modules from your scenario.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks @Victor. When i list images, integromat still scans the whole record, correct? and i’m assuming that takes less processing than constantly watching for new records?

Hi @Ycampbell,

When you list images, it is similar to GET ALL, i.e. Integromat gets all records from the collection. From Adalo and network perspective I think the load is heavier… but from Integromat credits perspective it consumes only one credit :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you Victor! Appreciate it!

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