How do I update a field that is a drop-down list link to another collection?

I have a collection with a field that is a link to another collection. I’d like to automatically update the value of that column on one particular screen. For example, a driver drops off an item to a warehouse. That item’s status would be automatically set to “driver dropped off”, but I don’t want to have a driver to click that status item from the drop down. When I go in to set up an action to update it, the only thing I see is to set it to a form’s input. Not sure how to do this. Thanks!

Hi @developermct,

This is a bit tricky, but it can be done. If I understood you correctly, you have some “Statuses” collection, with entries like “In Transit”, “driver dropped off”, etc. And when driver delivers the package, you’d like him (or someone else) just to press the button so that status changes automatically to a new one.

To achieve this, you need to have the entry for new Status to be available on this screen, then you can make the update of Item’s status record to the new one. You can do it by converting a button mentioned above to a list of statuses, then filtering this list by the name of new status. As a result you’ll have just one list entry displayed. And then you can put an action of “Update Item Status” on the button itself, the Current Status will be available there.


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