Update Relationship fields


Wondering if I could get some help/advise

I have a few fields in a collection, one of them is a relationship to another collection. If I try and update a row in that field it all works apart from the field that is the relationship. I am getting the value for this filed from the logged in user and it matches a value in the collection.

Is it possible to update a field in this way? If I do it manually (In the database) then I am forced to choose the value from a drop-down.

Any help appreciated

@Nige can you share a video depicting your issue? Thank you.

Hi Ben,

I was testing and scrapped the app and looked at other options. As a general rule, should it be possible to update a field in a collection that has a relationship to another collection?

Yes, you can update which which is related to the current one.

Hey Ben!

I need to change the relationship field… but I don’t know how to do it.

Orders can have one status and status can have mutiple orders.

I’m in the order’s detailed screen and the green button updates the status of the order “to delivered” and the red to “not delivered”.

Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance,


Relatioships are all defined in the collections.
if you need to change a relationship.
You just delete the previous relationship that does serves you.
Then create a New relationship in the collection and pickup the right type; many-to-1 or many-to-many …

To change a relationship you will need to create the new one and delete the old, then double check any of your links/actions using that relationship.

For the green button try making this a list. A list of status filtered by delivered. Then add an action on the button to update current order related to current status. The red would do the same but filtered for not delivered.