How do you get rid of these ugly selectors with the Stripe Pay form?

How do you get rid of the ugly selectors for the month, year and CV for the credit card form?


I think that’s due to the size of the component (if you shrank it) or may be generated by your system.

Here’s a screenshot of mine, for reference:

I’m having the same issue. It was fine at first and then it changed. I even deleted the component and added a new one and it made no difference. Did you ever figure out what was causing it?

It most probs are the size, adalo pushes the size to smaller if the place is filled with many objects, or most probs you re-sized it smaller.

No, I tried adding the component to a new blank screen and got the same result.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll submit a support ticket and hope for a response.

Yeah do that, good lucks if they answer!

Too my way of thinking, the problem here is not just the selectors. The whole layouthere is ugly, and very confusing for a user that’s not too familiar with card payment. For example, in my implementation, there’s a hidden “postcode” field at the end of the line that only appears when you’ve filled out the rest of the fields.

When I first saw this layout when following the example in Stripe’s docs I thought I’d done something wrong. I could see there was a facility to pass a style object and thought I could use this to position and style the fields. After some fiddling around it looked like I could mount elements separately, but I had no luck at all in doing anything much beyond changing the font size.

After a loooong char with Stripe’s support people, it seemed the only way I could get a civilised layout was to use their “prebuilt integration”.

The whole experience has left much deeply confused/disappointed. “Custom” doesn’t seem to offer much customisation at all.

Am I missing something?