Stripe Marketplace "Pay" button grayed out in preview

Hi there! I’m having trouble with my Stripe Marketplace component. I believe I set everything up for it correctly, but when I go to preview to test it out and input a test card the whole component is grayed out so I can’t click on it. Anyone experience this and have a solution?

Hi @gdiz,

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Not experienced using Stripe but just a guess!

Did you entered the details in this section? Maybe that is the issue?

If you added details there already but still same a experienced maker in Stripe will help you here! :+1:

Thank you

Yes I have done that! :frowning: still not working though.

Hi @gdiz can you send some screenshoots? It may help us to understand better and give you a solution

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Hi! Yes this is what I mean when it is grayed out. I’m unable to click on the text inputs or click on the pay button. I used to be able to do this like a couple days ago and then it just stopped all of a sudden. Additionally, I’m finding that this is a problem with Stripe Marketplace and not the regular Stripe Payment because Payment works.

Oh, okay. So if you fund this problem only for Stripe Marketplace and not for the regular Stripe Payment you should submit a support ticket to the Adalo Support team, they may help you with that. You can submit a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

@gdiz I had the same behaviour and did the following:

  1. Launch your preview, right click anywhere and click on “Inspect”.
  2. Click on the Console tab
  3. Right click and “clear console”
  4. Hard refresh your browser: Ctrl+F5 to load the screen again with the console open
  5. You should get some red or yellow lines which may point you in the right direction. Use this to help you debug.
  6. For me, the pay component was looking for a “Connected Stripe ID” in my user table but I wasn’t logged in and didn’t have an ID set! I tested this by putting a 1234 into the database and it worked.

Point 6 may or may not be your solution but if not, points 1 - 5 will help you gather more info and debug. Good luck!


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