How does Adalo's downtime affect my app: If I have an Adalo Built Frontend in App Stores with an External Backend (eg. AWS)


Another day, trying to grasp the ins-and-outs of Adalo, hence this question.

This is the first week I’ve fully dedicated myself to building the whole app in Adalo - and then there was the downtime mishap (now resolved).

This left me wondering: How far exactly does (or would) Adalo downtime affect my apps - if my app is designed and published to app stores from Adalo, BUT my app backend is hosted elsewhere eg. AWS?

I noticed your email mentioned that the recent downtime as “…affecting dashboard and live apps…”

So I guess am trying to understand the workflow of how an already published frontend app (in app stores) and a backend hosted elsewhere outside Adalo would have been affected.

PS: I haven’t published to the app stores yet (or ever before).

Pardon me, Adalo newbie.


Also curious about this. Further, will the speed of Adalo and the rendering on data on the front end be faster if we use an external database rather than Adalo’s native database ? @David

@David Could you please advise on this? Thanks

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