How does native app performance compare to PWA?

Hello, I have an app that’s currently just going to be a PWA. I’ve noticed some odd things like:

  • performance of certain components are not good. Most noticeable is the sliding select component from the marketplace.
  • lists get stuck. like i’ll scroll, then can’t scroll up or down without waiting a bit and being very precise with my finger movement.
  • users creating an account and then not actually getting logged in while accessing the app

I’m just curious if these kinds of issues are because of PWA, or if native apps are a little better? Or is this an issue with Adalo or the way my app is set up?

Hi @jasondupree,

In my experience, native apps works faster than PWAs.
Though a lot will depend on the app itself, of course :slight_smile: there is a topic here Do’s and Don’ts for app speed reg. app performance.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks for this, I think the loading screen idea will actually be really useful for me!

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Yes as my experience mostly this happens with PWA

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Yeah, native experience is much better than PWA in my opinion. Opening time, smoothness and so on


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