Is anyone experiencing their PWA performance is faster than their native app?

My native test app (on Android) is extremely laggy (about 10-20 seconds for my list to react once scrolled and even slower when an item is clicked on). Note: I do have a list of about 300 items in the database.

My progressive web app, on the other hand, is somewhat laggy but responds within 2-3 seconds when scrolling. The problem on my PWA though is that it is not up to date…as if the latest versions of my changes never saved (even though the native app did).

Has anyone experienced this too?

Hi @TrZd

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The loading time of lists depends on many factors. The size of the database is only one of them.

It will also depend on how you have built your list. The elements in it. Visibility conditions that you might have, etc.

There are several other posts in this forum addressing this same topic, with plenty of advice.

I suggest having a look around and checking those suggestions. I also suggest using trial and error. Test how your list behaves when set up in different ways.

Trial and error is your friend.

Hi Charles!

Thanks for your reply! My question was more regarding the difference in performance between PWA vs. native app, since I thought native apps would be more optimized (performance-wise). But it seems the opposite to be true for me in this case.

I have gone through many of the suggestions on the forums and have tried to test in different ways but realized it has come down to some of the performance issues that the Adalo team is working on.

Yeap could be that as well. They are definitely working on it.

In my experience, the loading time is faster on native apps (for the most part).

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I have noticed PWA is now performing faster than native builds. Same app / screens. I first noticed it about 5 days ago.
PWA = 2 secs
Native iOS = 5 secs

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