How give the possibility to choose several answers in survey

I wish to create some questions during the onboarding for users.
And for some of these questions, it’s important to have an ability of several answers.
As an example: ‘Please choose all the reasons that cause it right now’.

How is it possible in Adalo?
For sure it’s also crucial for me to save this data in the relation to user in the database.

Hi @e.makarevich09,

This video by Parker will help you!

Another way is to use a list that a toggle is inside and connect the toggle to the relationship property.

Thank you


Wow, that’s a really good idea :slight_smile: Thanks for that!
Still a couple of questions. It seems to me that magic text doesn’t work properly for me, that’s why I struggle a lot :frowning:

I have a database ‘Anxiety causes’, but when I try to add this label by magic text, i don’t see the option ‘Current [database name]’. Do you have any ideas why it happens?

Also the second question. I see that white and blue rectangles are situated one under the other. But during preview mode, they are in the same place. How did you achieve it?


The list is correctly connected to the Anxiety causes collection right? Could you add a screenshot of the full screen where this list located and a screenshot of the Available Data section? ( Select that screen and go to the Available Data section )

I didn’t get this. Could you add a video showing your setup and preview?

I’ve found out that the issue was in the list creation, I’ve missed the step. Now it works correctly! Thanks)
The only point left here is that i don’t see anything during the preview. I’ve made a video for that - video1369948083.mp4 - Google Drive

For the white button select the Always Visible option and again choose Sometimes visible that Logged in user’s > Anxiety causes > All > Does not contain > Current Anxiety cause.

Updated twice for both of them - video1918078474.mp4 - Google Drive

Can you DM me the App URL and I’ll try to fix this!

Seems that it works! Thank you for help) I’ll try to test it via testflight soon and then check if everything is ok)

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